Exhibition – Presentation and Production

As part of the assessment criteria, and a way of showcasing our work, the class and myself must produce an exhibition. This area will explore the ins and outs of the exhibition planning; explore ideas of displaying the work and the challenges that are faced along the way. The exhibition is created as a group and therefore, the posts will be explored from a personal perspective.

Open To Interpretation

Our photography exhibition is named Open To Interpretation, and will showcase our best work. The process will be liberating in the sense that we have control to produce our own work and show it in our own way. The topics of the work range from disability, agricultural issues, fairy tales, and childhood memories to identity. This extensive range of topics allows for a wider audience reach, and therefore the ability to show the work to the masses.

In order to show case an innovative and successful show, as a group, we came up with the following areas which we will tackle; social media, branding and banking. Each member of the group will take on a role in one of the following categories:

Social Media – this group will setup and maintain the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and update them as and when interesting things are going on.

Branding – this group will develop a logo and all of the advertising materials for the exhibition.

Banking – this group will open a bank account and organise the online fundraising platform. They will also apply for funding from funding bodies in order to support the financial implications of the show.

During the first meeting, I volunteered, along with two others, to organise the banking aspect. As well as this, I have also taken on a leadership role within the group, taking notes from the meeting and passing them on the relevant people, and organising the meeting’s place, time and agenda. Follow the posts to come to find out the progress with the exhibition planning.