Under Gods by Liz Hingley – Side Gallery , Newcastle

Liz Hingley recently exhibited her body of work, Under Gods, at the Side Gallery in Newcastle. The work is an in depth social document of the people, all of different religions living on Soho Road in Birmingham. Hingley sensitively documents the people, the place they call home and subsequently the religion; which influences the lives they lead.

The body of work is presented in white wall gallery, however, the presentation and hanging of the work is very unique. Hingley hung the work in a straight line to represent the formation of the houses. The frames enclosed the people into their houses, making it feel as though we were looking through a window. The frames themselves served as a likeness to the frames hanging around portraits owned by the aristocracy. Hingley’s traditional framing and composition reinforced this concept; often borrowing poses from religious iconography.

Hingley’s gaze is un-discriminatory and delicate, documenting the relationships that the community holds dear; allowing them to function as an admirable society. The relationships shown have created a very positive outlook on race and religion, particularly in the current political climate. This timing and contrast to the events shown in the media is crucial in combatting negative feelings towards religion. This body of work was supported by artefacts, which were collected and displayed in a cabinet, adding a real factor to the prints. This is something that I will explore when looking into creating exhibitions in the future.

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