University of Cumbria’s Future Festival 2017

The Careers and Employability Service organised an event where a number of talks and sessions were available to provide information and guidance in relation to further study and careers. There are a multitude of career paths and ways and means of achieving them, however, one must be proactive in creating this: allowing for fewer pitfalls.

Networking was brought to the forefront of the event as it can allow for the support network around you to strengthen, opening new doors to new opportunities. The event showcased a range of different agencies with offers of advice and future job prospects. The chosen career path is to embark on the Photography MA and then train to gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). This would then allow myself to teach photography at a higher level and also have some flexibility with the types of jobs that are accessible with the qualifications.

The following posts will explore the information given both through leaflets and through the talks. I will explore how useful the information is and the further steps that I will take based on this.

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