Apocrypha – An Exhibition by Jed Buttress

14th-17th April

Jed Buttress is a local artist currently studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at Newcastle University. In order to gain exhibition experience and make his debut, Jed created, curated and opened an enticing exhibition of a body of work called Apocrypha.

Apocrypha means writings that are not believed to be real or genuine. This title is the only key piece of information that informs the viewer how to view the work. The collection is a mix of sculpture, fine art, photography and other mixed media pieces; showing Buttress’ strength to work with a large variety of mediums.

The work explores the connection between the disappearance of children and young adults and paranormal/extra-terrestrial phenomena. The collection showcased a selection of ‘evidence’ such as a mangled mess of bikes, left at the scene of an abduction/disappearance. As the mediums used were broad, the way in which the collection formed and interacted with the viewer, without any context, was remarkable. The use of posters especially for a missing dog, with the accompaniment of the dog’s vandalised collar played with the viewers notion of reality and made the viewer question the truth of the story. To suggest every piece of evidence in the gallery was manipulated and created to deceive would be to spoil the fun of the exhibition. However, the extent that Jed Buttress travelled too to produce such an intricate body of work, which created a reaction (showing it’s success), was commendable.

As I have known and learned in the same environment as Jed, I am ultimately going to be biased regarding the success of his work. However, it was intriguing to see how with the same grounding, people still produce very different works; although our intentions are the same – to produce outstanding work that both shows our interests and our strengths as emerging artists.

Seeing a peer showcase their work as a solo exhibition has motivated me to look into thinking about a solo or even small group show. Doing this will be good experience and will also help build my reputation as an emerging photographer.

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