Redeye Mock Interview

As part of our professional development, we were required to undergo a mock interview for a job opening at the British photography firm, Redeye. Redeye is dedicated to providing advice, talks and support to emerging and established photographers in the UK. The job opening was for Assistant to Programme Coordinator.

In preparation for the interview, the Library and Student Services team provided a workshop on how to get the best out of interviews. In the workshop they discussed how we should always research the company, always draw back on previous experience, how you should act in an interview and how to answer questions to achieve the best. This workshop was helpful, however, I believe if we had had a mock of the mock interview we would have stood in better stead to achieve.

The job required someone who has a diverse skills set; someone who is a practicing photographer, good with IT, has good communication skills and has a grip on the position of the photographic industry. The workshop explored this, as well as potential questions that would arise in the interview. I have received the result of the mock interview, and received a 2:2. I have received my feedback and have been able to digest it and learn from where I went wrong. This will be valuable for the future, even if the job I am applying for is on the other end of the spectrum.

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