Research Presentation – Feedback

Following the success of the research presentation, I have now received the summative feedback (graded feedback). I received 80%, which is a 1st. I am really pleased with this result. The feedback given along side the mark is shown below.

“From the introductory title, Disability Talks, onwards this presentation has a clear, focused rational and delivers an interesting and personal narrative to great effect.

The motivations are clear and defined, that you wish to tackle discrimination and perceptions of the disabled people and categorize your approach to deal with issues surrounding identity politics, social media representation and the emergence of ‘Inspiration Porn’ following the Paralympic spotlight of recent ears.

You analyse rich veins of pertinent research extremely well and moreover are able to continually reference the processes and methods of photographic production that you are involved in. This synthesis between theory and practice is a strength Rachel and it is obvious that you enjoy being informed and thus providing an excellent critical footing for your project.

Rankin, Stallard and Borensztein are all evaluated and drawn to give a broad comparative context in the talk. Both Bates and Davis illustrate your deft in handling of theory as well.

Practically, you describe the collaborative process with your participants and one of the few areas to improve the presentation would be to highlight more clearly the photographic decision-making in your own work and intersperse your images with those of other artists to illustrate the rational at play. This would allow interesting dialogues to develop and may bring further opportunity for evaluation of your own personal strategies.

This too would acknowledge your own project as having valuable primary research worth.

Such were the complexities of the text that we would advise a slowing of your delivery on future occasions in life, so as to give time to enjoy the points that you are making.

Well done, Rachel.”

I am pleased with the feedback and my grades, and believe that this shows the progress that I have made during my time studying at the university. It also shows that if I can achieve that now, what will I achieve in the future.

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